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POSPack - Low Cost "In-Vehicle" Printing Solution for PDA

Product Features

Overview: POSPack is a complete low-cost mobile printing solution for "in-vehicle" use, which allows printing up to 5-copy full-page customer invoices, receipts, load reports and other documents en route.

what's included in POSPACK?: We developed POSPack as turnkey, off-the-shelf solution, which includes:

  • Purpose-built rugged metal box casing with:
    12V or 24V socket for car / van power supply
    illuminated power ON/OFF switch
    internal paper and cable compartments
    - Integrated communication and charging cradle for many popular HP IPAQ Pocket PC PDAs
  • EPSON LX-300+ rugged and reliable dot matrix impact printer, capable of up to 5 copies output at a time
  • One of HP IPAQ Pocket PC PDA models
  • Power cable for connection to car lighter or battery
  • Special vehicle mount strap belts
  • Operations manual
  • Optional Pocket PC printing / POS software
  • Optional built-in GSM modem to link with central office

POSPACK Features: 

  • Factory built rugged metal box casing:
    • Light-weight metal with special paint coating
    • Power socket (option 12V or 24V) for connection to car / van lighter or battery provides power distribution to printer and PDA cradle
    • Power ON/OFF switch with internal light diode indicates active operation
    • Front and top maintenance hatches for access to paper and printer with two top lid locks
    • Easy access to paper feed control
    • Large paper compartment
    • Fully covered internal cable and power supply compartments
  • Integrated cradle for HP IPAQ Pocket PC PDA:
    • Provides for PDA charging and printing.
    • All PDA functions and screen are accessible even when it is inserted into the cradle
    • PDA position in the cradle at 45 deg. aligns with user eye level during operation
    • Special casing features behind and around the cradle protect PDA from frontal and side impact
  • Epson LX300+ rugged dot matrix impact printer:
    • Low cost and energy efficient
    • Fast and reliable operation
    • Advanced paper handling: 3 paper paths, push and pull tractor
    • Copy capability: original plus four copies
    • 8 built-in bar code fonts
    • A4 continuous automatic paper feed
  • Choice of the following HP iPAQ Pocket PC Handhelds: (2200, 36/3700, 38/3900 and 54/5500  series)




possible applications: route accounting and delivery, direct store delivery, sales force automation, logistics, warehousing and distribution, mobile POS (point of sale).

MANY PDA MODELS SUPPORTed: Our product design supports many different PDA makes, contact us for details.